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Some of the saddest and most poignant accounts in Yizkor books are from
people who returned to their towns after the war in the late 1940s and the
1950s to see what had become of the destroyed Jewish communities. That is
the story of Lippe Fischer who left Jezierna (Ozerna) in western Ukraine,
just west of Ternopil, days before the German approach. She joined refugees
fleeing to the South Caucasus and was arrested when she fell into the trap
of Turkmen, in league with the Soviet NKVD, who promised to smuggle her and
others across the border to Persia for a few hundred rubles. Fischer spent
10 years in a Soviet prison camp. On her release, she was determined to
return home. This is an excerpt >from a much longer chapter that you can find
here: or

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