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My mother had an uncle who has no living descendants. He was one of
four siblings. As far as I know, his wife had one sibling, a brother,
who never married and I am not presently researching her family.

I have received some photographs and original documents such as
passports, visas, birth certificates and other official records and
personal memorabilia of this uncle, his wife and two sons.

I am willing to have the material made available to descendants of the
other three siblings but am wondering what to do with the actual
artifacts. For example, there are passports and visas which trace the
journey of this uncle, his wife and son between Zurich and the USA in

This uncle and his wife were very dear to me. Aside >from some articles
Aunty gave me as wedding gifts these photographs and documents which I
received >from someone who saved them after their son passed away is all
that remains of them.

Suggestions for proper disposition of these papers to any entity which
can preserve them and/or make them available for research would be

Thank you,
Malka Lew

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