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Marty Meyers <martymeyers@...>

I've just noticed today, while updating my JGFF, that the town of
Janowo near Chorzele is now an accepted town in the JewishGen
Communities database (not sure when this happened, but previously I
had just enter "Janow" into JGFF, which was not officially in the list
of towns in Poland (at least not my Janow).

So, if you have family that came >from Janowo near Chorzele, please
consider updating your JGFF or create a new one. I now see that on
the Janowo community page, there are 3 entries for JGFF (ROZENSZTEJN,

On a related topic, I see that there is also an entry in the Slovnik
Geographiczny for the town that can be accessed at the new Janowo
community page. Do we have anyone fluent in the cryptic symbolism of
the Slovnik who could translate this?

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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