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Dear Geners

I want to share a success story that hopefully encourage those who
feel they hit a "dead end". My surname, SALZBANK, is not common at
all. I always felt it was changed at Ellis Island, but long ago, I saw
that it was the name in Galicia.

Using JRI-Poland I discovered a couple of names, Salzbank as well as
my grandfather, Moshe (Morris Salzbank). Neither my father or my uncle
were overly interested in the genealogy and they heard that my
grandfather may have had a sister living in Israel.

For years the search on JRI-Poland pulled the same 3 or 4 names...a
sister who died at 2 years old... but that was it... Just about a year
ago, I did the name search again and this time the marriage record of
Peril in 1909 came up. No doubt she was the sister. Success #1.

Unfortunately, there was no more information other than her husband's
name and his parents... my search on Ancestry came up with no leads...
here in the U.S. or in Israel. I have very little to go on.

**Today**, I see a hint on Ancestry and it is a hint to the marriage
record that I had discovered...why was someone else looking at it?
To my surprise and delight, someone else found this record and
attached it his tree and when I searched his tree I see all of these
living relatives of Peril & Shlomo (indeed in Israel). I have begun to
search and reach out.

Ya, never know... how mysteriously "dead ends" open up

Michael Salzbank

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