JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Researching GRUNHUT family of Bratislavia/Pressburg #general

J Fried

Hello All,

I am trying to research my friends grandfather Leopold GRUNHUT April
19 1897- July 1967.
He lived in Pressburg / Bratislavia.

1- Specifically, what we are trying to find out is the following.
Leopold GRUNHUT had 3-4 stores that sold chocolate, sometime between
1939-42 (maybe earlier) these stores were confiscated >from him and
given over to gentiles. How would I even go about finding out more
about these stores? where were they located? does a picture of them
exist? Is it possible to find out more about the confiscation of the
stores? where could I find more info? (none of this is for legal
reason, its exclusively family interest in their history)

2-Is it at all possible to search the Slovakian/Hungarian archives?

Nechemyah S. Fried


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