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Lindsay Sweetnam


I am seeking any records of the fire in Pilviskiai (Pilvishok) in 1895.

On the kehilalinks page for Pilviskiai
( the
last line of the "Jewish Settlement Till After WWII" section states
"Many names of Pilvishok Jews appear in a list of donors for Jewish
victims of fires in 1895."

My Great Grandfather, Charles Abe FINKELSTEIN (Yiddish name still
unknown) came >from Pilviskiai according to his naturalization
paperwork. He left in 1900 and would have still been there at the time
of this fire. He is said to come >from a large family of 10-12
siblings, though he came to America alone. I know nothing about his
family. I am wondering if this information might point me to him/them.

Thank you for your time.


Lindsay Sweetnam
Walnut Creek, CA

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