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Susan J. Gordon

Thanks to members' input and replies, I have reluctantly concluded that
"Polanyu" refers, simply, to Poland, and nothing more specific. In addition,
the family's "original" last name, "Dayan," is also very broad. In a letter
to one of his cousins, he did recall being a small boy waiting with his
father *outside the gates of a cemetery* in NYC, during a family funeral
because they could not enter. This makes sense, if they were "dayans."

As some of you may know, marital discord and divorces often lead to real
breakdowns in family ties and history that can spin out for generations.

Susan Gordon

<Susan Gordon> Sjgwed@... wrote:

When I visited my long-estranged father shortly before his death, I asked
him where his immigrant father had come from. He said, "Polanyu" - which
sounded like "Po - lan - nyu." But I have been unable to locate this name as
a town, village or anything else in Galicia, Poland or elsewhere. Also,
I'm pretty sure his family name was "DAYAN," but it was Anglicized in the US.
Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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