JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Bessarabia SIG, Update for January 2017 #general

Yefim Kogan

Dear Researchers,

Please see the What's New Section for the details of what we did in the
month of January.

1) Bessarabian Databases:

We have compiled a list of sets of records to be uploaded to JewishGen
by June 2017.
It includes records >from Kishinev, Teleneshty, Khotin, Rezina, Ataki,
Akkerman and more. You can see the whole list at Bessarabian Database

You also may find a reorganized pages specifically for Revision Lists.
At the very top of Bessarabian Databases section find ... more about
Bessarabian Revision Lists and click on it.

2) Jewish Cemeteries:

- Updated list of cemeteries. Several cemeteries were added to the
list we did not know before: Klishkivtsi Old Jewish Cemetery, Sarata,
Reni Jewish Cemetery. If you know of a Jewish cemetery which is not on
that list (we have now 76 cemeteries), please let us know.

We have completed indexing and sent to JOWBR information on *two* more
cemeteries in Bessarabia/Moldova:

- Lipcani Jewish Cemetery. 1130 graves were indexed, and with 1121
photos sent to JOWBR. Also 285 images of Unknown graves you can see at
Bessarabia SIG website. See maps, many photos at the cemetery report.
The cemetery is not yet completed, and about 700 records will be send
to JOWBR by the end of February. I know that many of our members
donated money in order to get the Lipkani list. If you want, I can
send you list now and later in a month the remain part or send you the
whole list at the end of February. I also asking people who donated
($100+)and are waiting for these records, please *send* me an email,
because of the computer issues, I do not have all of your emails!

- Sarata Cemetery. 11 Jewish graves were found at the town cemetery
and send to JOWBR together with 11 photos. See maps, photos at the
cemetery report.

3) Town Shteitlakh section at Edinets find a article "Greetings >from
Edinets, Moldova", you can find some photos >from town, cemetery and

If any of you want to get a whole set records for a town/year -
Revisions or a town cemetery, that is possible to do for a donation
of $100 to Bessarabia SIG General fund. Please let me know if you
interested (

Please let us know if you have any questions, ideas of how to make
our Bessarabia SIG and the website better.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan, Inna Vayner
Bessarabia SIG Leaders and Coordinators

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