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Jerry Small

My grandmother Jennie immigrated as a single person >from Rypin Poland.
The year according to 1910 census was 1906, according to 1920 census
was 1903, according to 1930 census was 1905. Also according to a 1911
passport was 1903. She had brothers and sister who came later with
surname Wabik, so I assume she used the same. I have searched using and Family Search with no success. A record >from the
Maryland State Archives leads me to believe she married John Small in
1906, although the surname given on that record is Philips. Puzzling!
John Small did have a brother Philip Small, who immigrated with him in
1891, living in Baltimore and the 1906 city directory does list him
and a Jennie Small at the same address. Maybe the name Philips on the
marriage entry was short lived since she became Jennie Small
thereafter. Whether she arrived in Baltimore or somewhere else I do
not know. At some point in 1906 she and John moved to Clarksdale
Mississippi and my father was born in December of that year. So, am I
at the end of my search or where else can I look. All people who would
know are long gone.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Jerry Small
Richardson Texas

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