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Lynne Schneider

I have begun the long overdue research of a neglected limb of my family and need
some suggestions. The oldest known members of the family are Jacob FUCHS or FOX and
his wife, Frieda (unknown surname). I do not think that this couple ever came to
the U.S. I believe that they were >from Kobelyaki or Poltava, Ukraine. Their
children, according to information given to me ages ago by my grandmother, are:
Luba, Zalmon (Solomon), David, Riva, Joseph, Mattas, and Nadia. I was told that all
used FOX as a surname. The only children of Jacob and Frieda that I know came to
the U.S. are Luba and Zalmon and possibly Mattas. It is possible that the others
emigrated, but I have no documentation to prove that. They lived in Brooklyn, NY.
Luba, (c1865-June 21, 1937) is my maternal great grandmother and I am named for
her. She was married to Samuel SINGER/SINGERMAN and they had 7 children, 4 of whom
survived to adulthood. They are Jacob, Abraham, Irving, and my grandmother,
Frieda, although her birth name might have been Fannie. Luba's son Jacob (Jack to
the family) married Ida FOX, daughter of Zalmon FOX. They were 1st cousins. I
believe that Zalmon, who may have been married to a woman named Monya, had three
children, Ida, George, and Fannie. I have no other information about them. I also
have been told that Mattas married a woman named Sonia and that Joseph married a
woman named Masha. Again I have no proof of any of this.

I am aware of an Elke FUCH >from Kobilak who married Leiser MOGILEWSKI. They had 6
children. Not sure if Kobilak is the same as Kobelyaki. This family left the
country in 1906 and do not know if they are connected to my FUCHS-FOX family or
that they actually came to the U.S.

I am looking for any descendants of this FUCHS-FOX family who might be able to help
me fill in some of the blanks. Naturally any suggestions on how I might proceed are

Thank you in advance.
Searching currently: FUCHS or FOX, SINGER >from Poltava and Kobelyaki, Ukraine

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