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Merle Kastner <merlebk18@...>

Referring to Nolan Altman's message - (please see below) as to why it is
necessary to photograph the Memorial Plaques as soon as possible:

The Young Israel of Chomedey (a formerly very active synagogue in one of
Montreal's suburbs), sold the building and moved into a temporary location
for the exact reason that Nolan Altman cited on the JG discussion list
recently - dwindling membership in synagogues. The Jewish community in that
suburb has shifted considerably and synagogue attendance and membership have
declined even more. Now the plaques are packed away somewhere.

Merle Kastner
JGS of Montreal

"Nolan Altman" <> wrote:
You've no doubt read about the vandalism at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery
in St. Louis. As a reminder, JewishGen's JOWBR database
( serves as perpetual virtual
cemeteries where information can be saved for future generations. Not only
are we subject to the mindless acts that occurred in St. Louis, but cemeteries
in areas of the world where the Jewish community is dwindling or no longer exists
suffer >from lack of maintenance and disrepair. There are cemeteries in the US that
are in no better condition than some of those in Eastern Europe.

In addition, there has been a significant number of synagogue closures and mergers
as synagogue membership has been on the decline in some of our largest cities.
You may also have read recently that a synagogue in Chicago was closed and after
trying to return plaques to living relatives of those memorialized, the remaining
plaques were sold as scrap to be melted down. JewishGen's Memorial Plaques Database
was created to capture and preserve information >from memorial plaques and Yizkor
lists that can be found in synagogues or other institutions.

If you are interested in helping to photograph and/or index cemeteries or
memorial plaques that are not yet in our databases, please contact me at You can see the cemeteries and synagogues currently
in our database at and respectively.

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