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The Judaica Foundation led by Director Joachim S. Russek, began its activity
in 1991, five years after establishment of the Research Center on Jewish
History and Culture in Poland at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

In 1993 the Centre for Jewish Culture housed in 19th century prayer house in
Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter of Krakow was inaugurated by the
Foundation. Among the founders of Judaica Foundation and the Center were
internationally recognized scholars >from Poland and abroad. The motto L'dor
v'dor (>from generation to generation) encapsulates the objectives of the
organization. It is to disseminate knowledge about the richness and
vitality of Jewish life in Poland as a key to understanding the true
dimension of the Holocaust and to protect the memory of centuries-old Jewish
presence in Poland. Other objectives relate to the current needs such as
preservation of Jewish heritage in Kazimierz, promotion of Polish-Jewish
dialogue and fighting any form of anti-Semitism, discrimination and
intolerance. The Center offers extensive and rich educational and cultural
programs including international conferences, lectures, and summer programs
for participants >from abroad, exhibitions, concerts and film screenings.
Among them a month-long annual Bayt Chadash (new house) program revolves
around the history of Jewish life in Poland. The Center receives
approximately 17,000 visitors >from all over the world each year including
such eminent guests as Simon Wiesenthal, Shimon Peres, Steven Spielberg and
Prince Philip. Many of you, who plan to go to Krakow, should visit the
Center and learn more about their heritage.

And those who'd like to help this wonderful initiative should know that a
tax-exempt-status society supporting the Foundation was recently established
in the U.S.A. To make a tax-deductible contribution make a cheque payable
to the American Friends of the Judaica Foundation in Cracow and send it to
the following address: Fundacja Judaica, 31-058 Krakow, ul. Meiselsa 17,

Peter Jassem
Toronto, Canada

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