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My great grand parents were born in Friedredstadat. My great great grand
father was killed by being hit by a car in 1913 in Riga I believe he was
buried in Riga I understand the cemetery in Riga was destroyed by the
Nazis. I was wondering if there might be any place that there are photos
of the cemetery before it was destroyed? I all so don't know where his
wife died and thought she might be buried in Friedredstadat and that
there might be other family there. Was there a cemetery in
Friedredstadat if so does it still exist if not might there be photos of
it some where? Thank you for your help in this matter.
Do you mean "Friedrichstadt" AKA "Nairi", now "Jaunjelgava"

You will find the cemeteries here:

Yizkor victim list:

Jaunjelgava, Latvia

Alternate names: Jaunjelgava [Latv], Friedrichstadt [Ger], Fridrikhshtadt
[Rus], Frydrychsztat [Pol], Naira [Yid], Nairi, Neyra, Jaun-Yelgava,
Yaunelgava, Jauna-Jelgawa, Jaunijelgaua, Jaunijelgava, Jaunjelgavas

Region: Courland

Before WWI: Fridrikhshtat/Fridrikhshtat, Courland, Russian Empire

Jewish Population: 4,128 (in 1881), 3,256 (in 1897)

44 miles ESE of Riga

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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