JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Immigrant passports #general

Susan J. Gordon

Beginning 1914, the US passport offices began to require photos to accompany
passports. Following is a summary of the email letter I received >from Rebecca
Sharp at the NARA in 2008. This information enabled me to search (and find)
two photographs of my grandfather's 1921 and 1923 passports.

Rebecca said that beginning on December 21, 1914, individuals applying
for U.S. passports had to submit two duplicate photographs with their
applications. Like today, one photograph was kept with the passport application
and the other was attached to the passport - rather like today.

Taking photos was the applicants' responsibility, not the Fed Government.
Some applicants submitted candid photographs while others submitted photographs
taken by professional photographers. Usually, the photographs were head shots
but sometimes they were full body shots.

I'm sorry but I don't remember more. I expect you can search the NARA website and
learn more information. Good luck!


From: "Molly Arost Staub" <staubmolly@...>

I have been told that immigrants didn't need passports in the early 20th
Century, yet a Genner has written that she has a passport for a relative
from 1920.
My grandfather emigrated to the U.S in 1907, but returned to Russia via
sailing to Great Britain in 1917. Would he have needed a passport in 1917?
He died in Russia, and I can't locate any photo or information about him.

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