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Dottie Miller

My great grandmother, Dora BOGASLAVSKY, has been known to her family as having
been born 04-06-1864 somewhere in Ukraine. A photo of her has just come to
light that is framed with a border and backing that says, in Russian, "the
photography >from Novorossiisk of Grigory Varshavskii at Poltava, house of
Gritskevitch" (translated >from Russian into French, then into English). The
picture had to have been taken prior to 1889, at which time she gave birth to my
grandmother in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can someone help get maximum sense >from these few words? Isn't Poltava a city 16
hours by car >from Novorossiisk? Does the phrase mean that the photographer >from
Poltava took the picture at Novorossiisk? Or that the photography business was
located in the Region of Poltava, city of Novorossiisk? I don't find online that
Novorossiisk was ever a part of the Poltava Oblast.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Dottie Miller
San Antonio, TX USA

BOGASLAVSKY; JACOBSON >from Vilna, Latvia; GUGGENHEIMER >from Ihringen,
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; MEYER >from Goersdorf, France; DREYFUS >from Brumath,

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