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Good idea about the re-introductions.

I live in Salem, Oregon, and I began my research and joined this group when
it was just new. I only came to realize my Jewish heritage as an adult, so I
was very eager to learn as much as I could.

My great-grandmother, Regina BLOCH, was born in Neumark, Bohemia (Vseruby,
Czech Republic) in 1867. Her parents were William BLOCH (b. 1842) and Rosalie
POLLAK (POLLACK, b. 1827). The family (which included brothers Edward and
Albert) came to the United States in 1883 aboard the ship "Lessing" and
settled in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been able to trace the BLOCH family back >from
William to Moses BLOCH (married Theresia STEINER) to Dawid BLOCH (married
Ribeka WACHTEL). The BLOCHs lived in Janowitz, Bohemia (Dawid was born there
around 1780) Apparently the BLOCHs were a large family, and I have not been
able to trace all the connections to other BLOCHs >from Janowitz and the
surrounding area.

Rosalie POLLAK's parents were Josef(or Jacob?) POLLAK (>from Klein-Dhischka,
Tabor region) and Sarah HERSCHMANN (or HERMANN) >from Netwozitz, Bohemia.
Rosalie had a child before her marriage to William Bloch - first known possibly
as Ludmilla Pollak, later, in Cleveland, known as Lizzie LEDERER.

Regina BLOCH married Adolph SCHWARTZ ( >from Hungary) in 1896 in Cleveland,
Ohio, where they remained the rest of their lives.

If anyone knows of any connections, I would really appreciate hearing about

Thanks so much, everyone, for all the sharing and education that takes place
on this list!

Jeanne Eikrem

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