JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen re: Brooklyn death 1950's #general

Moishe Miller


Looking through interment records for local Brooklyn cemeteries is
another approach you can take.
I went to: and checked for you.

Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn has a Miriam G. Gleich (Miriam Gittel,
daughter of Eliezer) that passed Nov 19, 1953 (born Aug 13, 1897).

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Sherri Fischer Venditti wrote:
I have not been able to find an obituary in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle or NYT.
Are death notices always published or only when a family reports a death? Are
there other papers to search? Is there a death index for that period in Brooklyn?
Barbara Mannlein <> wrote:
Death notices are published when, and if, the family pays for one.
Obituaries are published when the deceased is well-known or if the paper deems his
life story to be interesting/unusual, etc.

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