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I have posted an extract >from a "British Committee for Refugees >from
Czechoslovakia" interview form completed in May 1939 in the UK. I am trying to
decipher and understand the three place names.
The extract is here:

The person to whom the document relates was a Roman Catholic and Communist member
of my extended Jewish family.He was born in March 1900, son of a coal miner, and
came to the UK as a political refugee in May 1939. His occupation is given on
various documents as chef and journalist. On arrival in the UK, he could speak
Polish, German and Czech.

a) Place of birth: Appears to be Hamborn. Does the writing below Hamborn indicate
whether this is Hamborn in Duisburg, in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)?

b) Right of Domicile: Appears to be Ulbersdorf. I have found three places called
Ulbersdorf. The first is in Poland which I discount. The second is in Saxony in
Germany. It is close to the Czech border but, as far as I can tell, has never been
inside Czechoslovakia. The third is called Albrechtice (Most) in Czech, was near
the German border but no longer exists having been absorbed by a coal mine. Does
the writing under Ulbersdorf indicate which Ulbersdorf it is? Did Right of Domicile
only apply in Czechoslovakia at this time or did it apply in Germany too?

c) Address in Czechoslovakia: I would be grateful for any help in transcribing and
identifying the full address.

Please respond by email. I also welcome any suggestions for continuing my research
using these addresses.

For anyone researching WW2 refugees >from Czechoslovakia who came to the UK, the
document extract came >from the records of the British Committee for Refugees >from
Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovak Refugee Trust housed at the National Archives at
Kew e.g. . There is a lot
of information about these documents on this website including
lists of refugees (mostly Jewish). I am not an expert on these records. I am simply
sharing the links in case they help others.

Many thanks for your help,
Marsha Rosenberg, UK

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