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Dina Hill

I am trying to figure out what happened to my grandmother's second
husband. His name was Anschel Pomeranc. My grandmother was Slawa
Muszket Chamita who married Anschel Pomeranc in Krasnik, Poland after
they were liberated.

I am also trying to find death information for him, his brother Kuna
and Kuna's wife Chaja. Kuna and Chaja Pomeranc came to the USA in 7
Apr 1951 to New York, but there is nothing after that. I don't know
when t hey died. Surely he would have obtained a social security
number, right??

The brothers Anschel and Kuna were born in Szczecin. Kuna was born in
1904. There is nothing for Anschel. I wonder what his English name
would have been. I am pretty sure he wold have immigrated to the USA
as well.

Kuna and Chaja had 3 children who were killed in the Shoah. How do I
find out where they were killed? What camp was near Szczecin, Poland?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Dina Aptekar Hill

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