JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Spain to Eastern Europe? #general

Ettie Zilber

As do many of you, we have a family 'story' which indicates that one
branch of the family migrated >from Spain to Belarus and Lithuania.
While Jews migrated to many countries after the expulsion and
subsequent inquisitions, they did *not* typically go to Eastern Europe
(at least not directly).

Our story indicates that a branch was in Spain, and that someone was a
bookkeeper to King Ferdinand (might be a bit of a stretch). They
eventually ended up in a town Disna on a river Disna in current
Belarus, near Lithuania and Latvia. The family name became Disner.

Does this ring a bell in anyone's research? Any idea how a family
might have migrated on this route?

Ettie Zilber
Other family names: Sidrer, Disner, Kamionsky, Klempner, Kowayko,
Tsegelnik - all >from Lithuania and/or Belarus.

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