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Dina Hill

I'm sorry I didn't give enough information. Thanks to a fellow JewishGenner, she
asked me some important questions so here goes:

My paternal grandmother CHAJA APTEKARZ was a Holocaust Survivor. She was born in
Modliborsyce, Poland. She also lived in Zdzilowice and Janow, Poland where my dad
and his 3 siblings were born. She was married to my grandfather (killed in the
Holocaust) by a Rabbi, but not civilly because it wasn't permitted at that time in
Poland. My grandfather was Lejzor Klajnkofman. My grandmother was born December
12, 1903 as Chaja Bajla APTEKARZ/APTEKIER. It's hard to say the exact spelling
since everything I have of documents for her has different spellings of the
last name (which is also my maiden name).

My grandmother left Poland for Israel on July 6, 1950. Another document says that
her 2nd husband's last name was spelled Lander instead of what I have on her SS
app as Lender.

My grandmother lived in the USA >from 1960-1997 when she died.

After the Jews were liberated >from Hitler, my grandmother lived in Krasnik. I don't
know if she remarried in Krasnik, Poland or in Israel, but I know she was at my
home in Israel with Mr. Lender. I have no memory of it as I was a baby, but I
know >from conversations that I had with my mom. She got divorced, but had to have
gotten the divorce when she lived in the USA because her social security
application was in 1962, and I have a marriage certificate of hers married to her
3rd husband Sam Muroff January 24, 1963. When I ordered a copy of her social
security application, I found the information on for Helen Muroff. I
was shocked to see the last name on the actual SS application because I never knew
"his" last name.

My grandmother lived in Jackson Heights, Queens NY in the mid 60's until Sam died
in 1985. Then she lived in N. Miami Beach, FL (across the street >from where I was
living at the time). In 1995, she was in the Jewish Home for the Aged also in
N. Miami Beach until she died in 1997.

At the time my grandparents lived in Poland, it was simply Poland. I have her
passport in Polish but I think she married him in Israel.

I hope this gives more info to help me find out who this LENDER or LANDER (on my
grandmother's marriage certificate to Sam Muroff, it has her last name spelled
LANDER, but her SS card has LENDER.

Best Regards,
Dina Aptekar Hill

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