JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Adoptee born to an unknown Jewish father and an African-American mother #general

Jeff Miller

I'm trying to assist an adoptee learn about his birth father. He says he was
born of an African American woman who worked for a Jewish construction company
in South Carolina near Charleston owned by a KAHN family. Possibly the company
was Myron Kahn's company, with son Irwin et al. After becoming pregnant with the
person who would be later put up for adoption in 1957, she came to Philadelphia to
join her husband. DNA testing of the adoptee indicates his birth father was 100%
Jewish. I may be related to the adoptee by virtue of our closely related DNA test

I have some Kahn family who lived in Philadelphia. I am not aware of any
connection between the Philadelphia Kahn family of George and his wife

Any assistance you can provide in or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,
Jeff Miller

MODERATOR: Information specific to this particular birth and adoption should be
sent privately to Jeff.

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