JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Schrenzel name meaning #general

Roger Lustig

1) The Guggenheimer & Guggenheimer book does not have a very good
reputation. See Alexander Beider's review in Avotaynu about 10 years
ago. Many of its derivations are demonstrably wrong; others are
fanciful; and others contradict their own (curious) principles.

2) Beider's own _A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from the Russian
Empire_ says that the origin of the surname is uncertain. It could refer
to an old Germanic word for "beloved," or possibly have something to do
with the given name Sprinze. He notes an early use of the surname:
Mordechai SHRENTSEL, who lived in Lwow in the 17thC.

3) There might be further information in Beider's book on Galician
surnames as well.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

(Eliezer Brauner wrote:
In the book Jewish Family Names and Their Origins: An Etymological
Dictionary, by Heinrich Walter Guggenheimer FE,Eva H., the meaning of
the family name Schrenzel is: "young man with slit court suit".

Well, that seems a bit stretched, as why should a diminuative mean young? And
why a "court suit"? And why should it come >from "schranz" in the sense of "tear"?
[it is a special kind of tear in the form of a triangel

What actually does it mean? Is it some kind of profession?
The -el in German and Yiddish is a diminuative, meaning small, not directly young
Schrenz is a village, now a quarter of the town Zörbig,in Anhalt-Bitterfeld in
Germany,north-west of Leipzig. <örbig)>

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