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henry wellisch

A few days ago I came across an article by Oded Aderet in the Israeli
paper Haretz about the visit by Mr. Meir Bulka to his ancestral town
of Ostrowiec. He discovered that the Jewish cemetery there had been
liquidated in the 1950s after WW II and the stones had been used to
construct a wall around the Catholic cemetery. Attached to the article
in Haaretz there is a photo showing part of the wall with Hebrew
lettering clearly visible on some of the stones.
When Mr. Bulka went to see the mayor about this and suggested to recover the
stones, the mayor agreed but only for a payment of half a million Zloty. Since Mr.
Bulka claims some property in Ostrowiec he feels that he has some bargaining power.
Frankly I have no personal relation to Polish Jewry, I am an Austro-Hungarian, but
I am wondering if this is the 1st time this has happened in Poland or other places
in eastern Europe? This is certainly quite upsetting.
Henry Wellisch

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