JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Russian relative born in Germany, on the way to America? #general

Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - Does anybody have a story about a Russian relative who was born in
Germany, while the family was traveling to America? I was researching
a Latvian family who came to America in 1891. Records show that the
youngest daughter, was born about that year. She's listed in the 1900 &
1910 censuses, as being born in Germany, while her 2 year older sister,
is listed as being born in Russia. In the later censuses, the younger
sister is listed as being born in America.

The Hamburg to UK passenger list for the family, includes a 1 year old
child, who could be this daughter. However, in the Liverpool to US
passenger list, this younger daughter, is not listed. Could the child
have been born in Germany, and have been so young, that the US list
would not have included her?

After WWI, and when the woman had children, she probably decided thought it best,
to tell a "white" lie, and say that she was born in America, rather than Germany.

Thanks. - Mark London

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