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Within Jewishgen's USA databases is the index to Boston Hebrew Immigrant
Aid Society Arrival Cards. has scanned the nine reels of microfilm for these
cards. The scanned images, not indexed, are on line:

On the website click Catalog > Titles and search for
"Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Card File I-96"
to get here:
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

If you get a hit in Jewishgen's USA database for this set of records:
Use the film number in the database go to the Familysearch web-site and
locate the on-line scanned card image.

Note 1. The Seq # number in the database is given to a family traveling
together whose members may occupy several cards in the file. It is not
he same as the FamilySearch image number.

Note 2. Most, but not all, of the scanned images are in alphabetical
order by surname. It may take some scanning back and forth before you
find your image. A few are wildly out of order. If you have a lot of
difficulty send me an e-mail.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

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