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I am new at genealogy but hoping someone might forward this email to Shlomo
DAVID, president of Jews Born in the Dorohoi District, or to his family.

One of my dad's relatives, Malka married a Shlomo Davidsohn/Davizon/? (not
sure how it would have been spelled), and I believe his parents were Isaac
Davidsohn and Anne Rollinger. The descendants of Isaac and Anne that I have
information about use both Davis and Davids within the same family.

I am wondering (hopefully) if Shlomo David is related to my
Davidsohn/Davizon family...and if so, whether he might be able to fill me in
on any of my family roots.

My father's side were Argintarus, probably related to the family mentioned
in the article "My Dear Shtetl Mihaileni." But my dad's great-grandmother
was named Sureh Davidsohn/Davizon...presumably all part of that family.

My mother's grandfather was Haim I. Davidsohn/Davizon and when they left
Romania his family shortened the name to Davis and Davies (depending on who
was writing the name for them so they could mark it with an X).

Anyway if there is any way to have this information 'put out there' I would
be most appreciative.

Thank you for your assistance with our search,

Alan Silver

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