JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Good book on Jews in Ukraine #general

Roberta Sheps

Paul Robert Magosci also produced a historical atlas of Ukraine, called Ukraine
Historical Atlas, published U of T Press, 1985. I found it very useful. It takes
the entire period >from pre-history to the year of publication and provides a
political/ethnographic map for the entire region that we might call Central and
Eastern Europe for every significant period, with a discussion of the significant
events in each period. Mel's recommended book does look very interesting indeed.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

Mel Comisarow melcom4@... wrote:

"Jews and Ukrainians: A Millennium of Co-Existence", by Paul Robert Magocsi
and Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, Nov 16, 2016, University of Toronto Press, 319
pages, $35.69 on

Beautifully written, printed and bound. Any reader of this newsgroup, who
has a connection to Ukraine, will enjoy this book. Also read the reader

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