JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Information about military governor of Germany #general

André Convers

Following the post of Debbie Long please note that the French Military Governor
of Saar (Germany) in 1945 was Gilbert GRANDVAL (1904-1981), he changed his
name >from HIRSCH to GRANDVAL, he was the son of Edmond HIRSCH and
Jeanne OLLENDORF and grandson of the editor Paul OLLENDORF.

Andre Convers
Riec sur Belon, France

Deborah Long <> wrote:

Would you have any suggestions where I can find out more about what it
meant to be a post-WWII military governor of Germany? Here is the
relative who I am researching:

"FRIED, HERBERT, Chicago, 111., Capt., USA, appointed military governor
of Hanover, Germany; reptd. Apr. 27, 1945."

I would like to know Captain Fried's duties and accomplishments. He was
reported to be the first (and maybe only) Jewish military governor at
that time.

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