JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Offer Photos at Mt. Judah, Queens, New York #general

A. E. Jordan

I already posted about Mt Zion and I also have a request to do graves at Mt.
Judah in Queens, New York.

Please do not duplicate requests between myself and others on the list -- or
if you do please make sure that everyone knows that you are making the request
multiple times to see who can do it first.

It will be the same process, where I am happy to take photos (and if need be
consult with the office) and I appreciate a few dollars >from each person who
makes a request to help with my expenses.

I am trying to go to one of the cemeteries by the end of this week -- but the
weather in New York is playing havoc with too much rain. Spending a few hours
wondering around a cemetery collection photos in the rain unfortunately is not
my idea of fun. I nice weather it can be an interesting experience ... but
rain delays the process.

Allan Jordan

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