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Bill Israel

**Attention: KAPLAN, NADLER and COHEN families of Chicago, South Bend and

I have a large trove of genealogically significant documents, letters,
scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and family photographs that I would like
to give to an interested descendant of the Kaplan, Nadler, Cohen
(Cohler) families of South Bend, Indiana, Chicago and Macon Georgia.
These families are descended >from Harris and Molly Cohen who emigrated
from Russia to South Bend, Indiana. Harris emigrated in 1883, and Molly
and their three children joined him there in 1885 after he had established
himself. Their children were Herman, Julia and Samuel Cohen.

Julia Cohen married Henry Kaplan, and they resided in Macon, Georgia. Their
daughter, Frieda Kaplan, married Charles Elihu Nadler. The Nadlers also lived
in Macon, Georgia. These families were prominent in business and in law in

Samuel Cohen (Cohler) married my mother's sister, Hilda Weinstein, and was
thus my uncle by marriage. Uncle Sam and Aunt Hilda Cohen lived in Chicago for
most of their married life. Their only child, Howard, did not marry. Sam,
Hilda and Howard legally changed their name >from Cohen to Cohler in 1943.

I was the personal representative for the estate of Howard Cohler upon his
death in North Port, Florida in 2012. Howard was a pack rat who kept every bit
of family memorabilia, and that is how I came into possession of his large
collection of personal papers, letters, legal documents, scrap books, newspaper
clippings and photo albums. My interest in this memorabilia was on his mother's
side of the family (Weinstein). I am unrelated to the Cohen (Cohler) side of
his family, so I have no genealogical interest in the considerable amount of
family memorabilia for the Cohen-Kaplan-Nadler families, but I believe it would
be of great genealogical value to a descendant of those families.

I have been unsuccessful in locating living members of these families. If you
are a descendant of the Kaplan, Nadler and Cohen families of South Bend,
Chicago and Macon, and you would like to have these hundreds of records,
photos, etc., I will be happy to ship them to you at no charge. Their
genealogical value has prevented me >from throwing them away. I created a public family tree of these families entitled "Cohen-Cohler, Kaplan,
Nadler Families." You can find it under that tree name at or
directly at the following link:

You can send a message to me >from the website, or you can reply to
me >from this Jewishgen Digest posting if you would like to have this
memorabilia or if you can put me in contact with a living descendant of these
families who might want it. My direct email address is

Thanks if you can help me to find a home for this material.

Bill Israel

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