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Sheryl Prenzlau

Hi- I've gone back a couple of gens on my various tree branches and also have
done DNA. Checking with FT DNA, GedMatch, DNAland, Geni, MyHeritage... Every
time I find matches, even what seems to be close ones, and I contact the
trees, I find that few people have gone back very far, and I can (almost)
never find the connections.

On two sides of my mom (her great grandmothers in two directions) I've found
the name DWORESTZKY/DVORETSKY. One is >from Slonim and one is >from Molchad/
Maychet, maybe Novogrod. One of the g. g. grandfathers was named Kalman and
one was Naftali Hertz = both DWORETZKY. I have found later gens names Kalman
and also Naftali Hertz, so my assumption is that these must also be
grandchildren of those two men, but no confirmation. I'm wondering if anyone
has any further ideas or connections, with these names. Both of them were
probably born in 1700's-, maybe 1750-1780. I'd appreciate any leads or ideas.

Sheryl Prenzlau, Jerusalem

MODERATOR NOTE: Suggestions for furthering Sheryl's research are, of course,
encouraged. Any further discussion specific to DNA should take place on
JewishGen's DNA discussion list.

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