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Cecile <cecile@...>

My name is Cecile Selwyn, #45761, first time that I'm writing about a query to
a Jewish Gen sig group.

I am trying to find out about my family - METZGER (maiden name - NUSSBAUM)
originally >from Cernauti, Romania, and residing in Paris >from 1945. Isou METZGER
was a tailor, there is a Regine METZGER, Paulette METZGER and Henri METZGER,
living in the 18th arrondissment.

Thank you
If I haven't done this correctly, any suggestions would be appreciated.

MODERATOR NOTE: Welcome, Cecile! You have written your message correctly and
provided the necessary information for our discussion group participants to
help if they can. Please remember to write surnames in uppercase letters (doing
so helps readers quickly identify surnames of interest).

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