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Barbara Zimmer

28 Dec 1916 Genia SLOUTCHEWSKY arrives in New York aboard the Rochambeau >from
Bordeaux with her two young children, Esther and Abraham. Esther was born in
Chernigov Russia and Abraham was born in France. Genia is headed to her
parents, Mr and Mrs David ZOLBER/ ZOIBER at 346 Georgia Street Brooklyn.

Genia may have been in a mental hospital by 1925-1930.
The two children were adopted by separate families by about 1930.

At Jewish Gen's Ukraine page there is a marriage of Genia Fani TOVBIN,
daughter of David-Girsh to Mordukh/Mordekhai SLUCHEVSKY/SLUTSCHEVSKI 1910.

I also have a reference to Maurice Sloutchewsky who was executed in Paris in
1915 for mutiny while he served in the French Foreign Legion. (Perhaps he was
Mordechai Slutchevsky)

I need help finding Genia SLOUTCHEWSKY and her two children in the 1920 and
1925 censuses (probably in New York City or northern New Jersey).

I also need help finding David ZOLBER/ZOIBER and his wife who were >from
Chernigov. It has been suggested that he may have used the surname SILVER or

Barbara Zimmer
Norfolk VA

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