JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Illegitimate child #general


The question has been discussed before at length on jewishgen,
particularly with regards to births in Galicia. (search the list
archives for "illegitimate".)

For various reasons, such as exorbitant fees and a general resistance
to bureaucracy, some Jewish couples chose not to register their Jewish
marriage ceremony with the civil authorities, or registered many years
after the fact. The registrars therefore listed their children as
"illegitimate", simply because their (Jewish) marriage wasn't
(civilly) recognized.

....... tom klein, toronto

Asher Vardi <> wrote:

In a couple of cases I found vital records >from Poland with a comment
in the "Comment column" saying that the child was illegitimate and
the husband acknowledged paternity. I first thought that the child was
probably born before the marriage but in my case it was the third
child of the couple. My question is: did anybody find similar cases.
Was the child born as a result of a rape? Is there any other possible
explanation? And last, why was it necessary to explicitly record this
fact. The comment about the child illegitimacy was added many years
after the birth registration.

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