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Phyllis Kramer

Hazel Boon asked about
"Koveler, Poland. I couldn't find this marriage when searching
JRI-Poland so decided to search the town. The closest I came on JRI
was Kowala mentioned in the Radom Book of Residents. I found nothing
using JewishGen. I'm hoping that someone on this list will be able to
point me in the right direction. Thanks so much for any ideas you can

Hazel...i suspect you tried JewishGen's Community Pages; they
represent 6500 towns which had a significant Jewish population around
1900...but certainly Jews lived also in smaller numbers
elsewhere...and that is why we have the gazetteer and the radius
search..where you can search by latitude/longitude and town names...of
***all the towns*** in eastern europe.

Its helpful to note the nearest larger town when searching...
for instance, i checked JRIP and saw JELEN/GOLEBOWITZ and found some
records in Wysokie Mazowieckie which is at 5255/2231. Then i went to
the gazetteer seeking nearby towns and found a town that might be what
you are looking for. Note the spelling differs, but that is to be
expected when clerks wrote down what they heard and Jews used their
own names for the towns...
Kobylin, Kobylino 15 miles NNE of Wysokie Mazowieckie...

then there's the possiblity that the town is Kovel...and Koveler is
someone >from that town...but these are far >from wysokie mazowieckie
Kowal, Poland 5232/1910 80 miles WNW of Warszawa Kowal [Pol], Koval'
[Rus], Kval [Yid], Kovel
Kovel, Ukraine 5113/2114 259 miles WNW of Kyyiv Kovel [Ukr,
Rus, Yid], Kowel [Pol], Kovla, Kovle
there is even a kehilaLink page for this town at

then i did the same for USZNICA and found
Ushnitsa/ushnitsy at 5853/3048 but it is 500 miles >from Lomza, thus
not likely.
Next i went to the radius search and looked for towns starting with U,
within 30 miles of Lomza.
i found a likely candidate...
Usnik, 5305/2155...only 9.8 miles SW of Lomza.

hope this is helpful
Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
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