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Bill Rubin

I have the Delectation of Intent and Petition of Naturalization for, Sam
HOROWITZ, my grandfather. Both documents states that Sam HOROWITZ arrived
in New York on June 15, 1904 aboard the S.S. Aurania and was >from "Wilna,
Russia." The ship left >from Liverpool.

I have used Steve Morse's One Step but the S.S. Aurania, did not arrive
in New York on June 15, 1904. I have looked at the Aurania passenger list
for nearby dates. Some of the digital copies of the ship's passenger list,
are of poor quality or missing.

My mother said "'HOROWITZ' was not the original the family name. The name
was "CHIGOROVITCH" which becomes "KHIGEROVICH" using the DM Soundex code.

In Revision Lists posted by the Lida District Research Group, I did find
records for my grandfather, "Zelik KHEIGAROVICH." Lida (35 miles south of
Vilinus) is where my grandparents got married and two of my uncles were born.

How can I locate my Grandfather on a passenger ship list?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Rubin,
Arlington, MA USA

RUBINCHIK, NISNEVITZ, POLISHUK-Seliba, Igumen, Puchowitzi, Belarus;
CHIGOROVICH - Vasilishki, Zeludock - ; LEAN, LICHEN - California, Cleveland
Cleveland, Colorado; BERNSTEIN - Toronto, Canada; Lida, Belarus;
DAVIDSON - Springfield MA, Maine; MYERS - London, Liverpool

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