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On 10/28/1897, two women arrived together at Ellis Island. Taube GRUNFELD
with children Josef, age 7 and Blume, age 1, was met by her husband,
Mordche. Feige DEIBACH with child Eidel, age 5, was met by her husband
Simke. I have been in touch with relatives of the GRUNFELD couple (later
Tillie and Max GREENFIELD of Detroit and Chicago), but can find no trace of
Simke and Feige DEIBACH or daughter Eidel.

I learned >from her relatives that Taube/ Tillie’s maiden name was a variant
of DEIBACH and believe these women were sisters-in-law. They came >from what
is now Vysokoye, Belarus, as did my grandfather, Shmuel DAIBOCH (later
Samuel FEINBERG), so I believe these families were related to my grandfather.

If anyone recognizes the DEIBACH couple, I would appreciate a response privately.

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY, USA

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