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A. E. Jordan

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How can one obtain these death records without being a family member
or even a family member (grandson) without knowning info such as their
social security number.

Modern death records for people who died within New York City are going to be with
the Health Department and they are going to be strict about the privacy rules. A
grandson should be permitted to get the records but in theory non-relatives will
not be permitted. I say in theory because some people have told me that they get
them sometimes through Vital Check or such all the same.

I would suggest first checking The New York Times for a paid death notice which can
give a good amount of information. Sometimes the cemetery will also help with some

You can also check to see if there is a probate record because those are public.
You will likely not find a death certificate in the probate >from 1980s but it is
worth checking. You should find heirs and maybe the location of the burial and
there should be the social security number on things like the tax returns.

That is about as close as you are going to get inside New York City for modern
death records.

Allan Jordan

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