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Alexander Sharon

Ben Forman wrote:

I recently found that the Uncle of my GGF died in 1867 in his home
town of Kaluszyn whilst on unlimited leave >from the army. He was
stationed at "Targ City Command"(Targiejskiej Miejskiej Komendy) I'm
told this refers to Nowy Targ.

Does anyone know if there is an archive which might hold records
related to his service or related to the history of Nowy Targ and the
Russian Army's activity there in around this time.

Nowy Targ is unlikely reference as this town was located till the end
of WWI within Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Russian activity was not
heard about this town.

"Targ" is known in Polish as a marketplace, and if you forward to me
scanned copy of the original Russian text we might figure out what
kind of command text is referring to.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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