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That's nice but a bit misleading.

The 1913 gazeteer of greater Hungary ( lists eight places
for "bogdan", where it is the customary Hungarian usage to prepend an
adjective, such as "nyir-" or "tisza-" to distinguish it >from other
places with the same name.

In this particular case, Nyirbogdany is one of the two that are still
in present-day Hungary (Dunabogdany is the other), that were never
part of Czechoslovakia - which probably rules them out. Three of the
others are in present-day Slovakia, 2 in Romania, and 1 in Ukraine.
Only 2 of the hits were in the same megye (county).

The four most likely candidates are the 3 Slovak towns, and the one in
the Ukraine, and my bet is on Tiszabogdany (Maramaros), which is
present-day Bohdan in the Ukraine. (It's also in the JewishGen
communities database.)

....... tom klein, toronto

PS. "Bogdan" was once a very common given name, of Slavic origin,
which means "gift of god" (equivalent to "Theodore" or "Netanyahu" :-)).
It later became a surname, as well as a place name.

Phyllis Kramer <> wrote:

Eve Line Blum posted : I couldn't find any town named "Bogdan" in
that country that is now divided between the Czech Republic and
Slovakia.Is there someone who knows what is the real name of "Bogdan" ?
There is an oh so simple way to find this town...go to the JewishGen
Communities database and search for towns beginning with BOG...i found
Nyirbogdany, Hungary, also known as Bogdan in Yiddish. That's one of
the special features of our communities contains the
Yiddish names of the towns.

Isnt JewishGen wonderful!?!

Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:

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