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Hi Genners,
Newest recent jottings can be found on my blog at: :

1914 Russians Stuck in Austria-Hungary & France During WWI
Who Are They? (#2, #3, #4)
1920 Kiev: Jews Who Died During Pogroms & ...
Holocaust: Terezin/Theresienstadt Concentration Camp...
1940 Holocaust: Malsch Germany
1914 Russian Stuck in Belgim During WW I
1914 Rostock: (August 12) Telegram
1861 Simferopol: Karaite Student Lists
1904-1948 Crimea: Simferopop/Simferopol
1900-1927 Kharkov/Kharkiv Lists
1900 Aleksandrovsk (Zaporozhye): Jewish Homeowners
1907 Drissa Voters Lists
Japan: Russian Necropolis
1881-1885 Kamenetz Podolsk Schools....
1934-1936 Moscow Donskoe Cemetery...
WWII: Sephardic Greeks Deported >from France--A List
1941- Nikolaev [Mykoayiv]: Fate of Nikolaev Jews During Great Patriotic War
Nikolaev/Mykolaiv: Jewish Burials...
1944 Secret Negotiations for Dominican Republic Passports
1944 Lisbon, Portugal: Arrival of Prominent Hungarian Industrialists
1941-1943 Mstislavl: Jews Murdered During the Holocaust

Good Luck Digging!
Marilyn Robinson
Searching: UNTERBERGER (Galicia Austria, Tarnow), KAPELNER
(Galicia, Austria,Tarnow), SHUTZ/SCHULTZ (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow,
Krakow), YUDIN (Sharkovshchina), SHAPIRO (Sharkovshchina),
LURIA/LURIE (Lodz, Warsaw), REICHMAN (Warsaw, Tomaszow Mazowiecki),
TAUFELD (anywhere)

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