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Fritz Neubauer

Dear Peter ,

the "Book of Remembrance: The German, Austrian and Czechoslovakian Jews
deported to the Baltic States" published by Saur Publishers in Muenchen
2003 has an entry for Alois MUNK on page 617:

Munk, Alois
born 10.02.1876 in Maehrisch-Kromau, then Austria
Last address: Hamburg, Kielortallee 13

There is no other MUNK on this transport, but a Samuel MUNK, 23-Mar-1861
in Altona is mentioned in the Hamburg Book as having been deported to
Theresienstadt in 1942, where he died on 31-Jan-1943, possibly a relative?
According to the data in this book and also in the book "Hamburger
juedische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus: Gedenkbuch", published by the
Hamburg State Archiv in 1995, Alois Munk was deported >from Hamburg to
Riga, altogether at least 726 Hamburg victims, on 06-Dec-1941.

The Book of Remembrance also details what happened to the deportees
after their arrival.

There is a problem finding out about his fate,  because I am not sure
about this citizenship. This may not have mattered to the Gestapo
bureaucrats who compiled the deportation list, but I could not find
Alois' name in the Austrian, Czech or German victims' listings, nor in
the USHMM data, because, I assume, each of the countries thinks that he
was not their citizen ... I would like to inform them to add him to
their list, but I am not sure which passport he held ... Possibly there
is more information in Hamburg?

I hope that helps nevertheless

Fritz Neubauer

From: Peter Wells <>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:23:23 +0100
Alois MUNK was my Grandfather. He was born in Feb 1876 in Krumlov Moravsky ...
I believe Alois perished in Riga.

If anyone has more information on Alois or any of his family, please do
contact me.

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