Re: Sambor cemetery #galicia

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Joyce Field wrote in part:

Re the Sambor cemetery tragedy... it seems that officials of the U.S.
government are aware of the problem and have been using quiet diplomacy to
resolve the dispute. This is encouraging news.
Thank you very much Joyce for this information.

I understand that quiet diplomacy is also exercised by the Yad vaShem.
Current Chairman of the Yad vaShem Board, Professor Shevach Weiss, our
fellow Galitzyaner and child Holocaust Survivor >from Boryslaw (and also ex
Knesset speaker) has visited this region several years ago as the guest of
the Ukraine Government.

I have received several letters concerning the issue through my private
email. I believe that those letters should be addressed to the forum.
Please, when reply to any posting, press "reply to all" button, not just the
"reply" - in this case your posting will be directed only to the original
sender, not to the Gesher Galicia forum.

Thank you for the few for your replies and interest. Personally, I am a bit
surprised and disappointed that this issue did not generate a wider exchange
of correspondence. After all this is the Holocaust Galicia issue, probably a
very rare opportunity to voice the opinion on the subject and support the
just cause.

Alexander Sharon

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