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A search for "Zausmer" in JewishGen Communities Database (Town Finder) does
not result in an obvious match for "Zausmer near Cracow."

Recommended search methodology:

1 - Begin your search with Cracow, Poland.

2 - If no match for the known locality in JewishGen Communities, search
JewishGen Gazetteer. Search phonetically like (Beider-Morse) and then sounds
like (Daitch-Mokotoff).

JewishGen Communities Database (Town Finder)
< >
- contains information about 6,000 significant Jewish communities in Europe,
North Africa and the Middle East

JewishGen Gazetteer
< >
- contains all one million localities in Europe, North Africa and the Middle

3 - The Krakow, Poland Locality Page (click icon) lists coordinates 5005
1955 and nearby Jewish communities within 10 miles. The closest nearby
Jewish community is Kazimierz 3 miles SSE. This looks like a possible match
(also a result of Jewish Communities sounds like search for Zausmer). The
Kazimierz Locality Page lists alternative names Kazimierz [Pol], Kuzmir
[Yid], Kasimir [Ger], Casimiria [Lat] and coordinates 5003 1957.

4 - If no Jewish community match within 10 miles, search by radius for all
towns within 30 miles of 5005 1955 (Krakow).A search by start letter "Z"
results in no match.
JewishGen Gazetteer - Radius Search
< >.

5 - If no match within 30 miles, go back to JewishGen Gazetteer and search
for spelling variants of town name showing distance and direction from
Krakow (selected city). Click heading of distance column to sort results
from closest to farthest.
6 - Verify Kazimierz is the correct town by further researching "Jacob David
ben Isaac", a Polish Masorite of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries;
"rabbi of Zausmer, near Cracow."

For descriptions of Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex and Beider-Morse Phonetic
Matching systems, see links at:

Generating Soundex Codes and Phonetic Tokens in One Step
< >.

Good luck!
Bette Stoop Mas

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Joyaa Antares in Australia wrote:
<< JewishGen's Town Finder gives just ONE option for "Zausmer" - Sandomierz.
The Finder says this was "Tsoyzmer" in Yiddish, so the match seems good. The
Jewish Encyclopedia refers to "Jacob David ben Isaac", a Polish Masorite of
the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; "rabbi of Zausmer, near Cracow".
Sandomierz is nowhere near Cracow. The Town Finder gives **four** options
for "Causmer", including Sandomierz, Kazimierz, Kazmierz Dolny and Kazmierza
Wielka. Kazmierz is very close to Cracow. It is about 125 miles or 200 km
from Sandomierz. How could a town name be both Kazmierz and Zausmer? Does
this have something to do with whether the town is named in German, Russian
or Yiddish? (The answer is not immediately apparent >from the Town Finder,
because it doesn't list "Kazmierz" as an option for Zausmer). >>

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