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mike yesnes

6:04 p.m.

Dear Discussion Group,

Looking for documents for persons in Vinnitsa,Ukraine in the 19th century.Per
Routes to Roots Foundation Website pages the archives at Kamments - Podolskiy
should have certain documents for persons >from Vinnitsa. Also there are records
from the Vinnitsa Archives as well for persons >from Vinnitsa. >from what I
understand there was a fire years ago and that many documents were destroyed.My
question is does the Kamments Podolskiy Archives still have some documents that
were saved?The certain documents that are mentioned in the RTR website page for
Vinnitsa,are those available to request copies from?......was the fire before
or after the RTR website page listing what they{Kamments - Podolskiy Archives}
have per records for Jewish persons >from Vinnitsa?

Is the Kamment - Podolskiy Archives open for request today?...when I have
e-mailed them, it comes back as failed.Would appreciate your help.Thank you.


Mike Yesnes

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