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Moishe Miller

Hi Marty,

If you search ItalianGen using a wild card search and keying M*STER
you will find the index record as Mefster Anna 68y Dec 26, 1932 24925 Kings

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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From: Marty Meyers <>
I am looking for the death record of Anna MEISTER, wife of Abraham
MEISTER and daughter of Isaac Abramowitz and his wife Pessa.

I found her (on familysearch) as having died December 26, 1932 in Kings
County, NY but I cannot find any confirmation or even a trace on, Ancestry or any of the grave databases.

How should I interpret this? If necessary, I can shlep into NYC and look at
microfilm #2070587 but I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestion/path
to try tracking down her grave.

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