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Dear Ilya,

As the saying goes, there are always two possibilities

(1) If Louis Shulman died in New Jersey, and no NJ death record was found,
it is always possible there is some human error in the recording and
indexing system there
. I once was able to find a US Citizenship Record at the National
Archives NE in Manhattan only because someone in the family went up into
their attic and found the original certificate that listed the court, date,
liber and page. NARA could then locate and retrieve the correct naturalization
file which wasn't listed in its index system.

(2) New Jersey is close to NY and other states, and possibly the Louis
Shulman died outside of NJ while visiting or on business, so the death record
would have then been filed in the state where he might have died.
When I couldn't find a death certificate for someone who lived and worked
in Manhattan in the late 19th century, it finally turned out that he died
while arriving on a ship in NJ, and his death was at the NJ Archives.

I wish you much success with your genealogical quest.
Happy New Year ~ Shanah Tovah ~ 5778
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan

From: Ilya Zeldes <>

For almost 40 years, Louis Shulman lived and owned a business at Ferry Street
in Newark, NJ.

On April 4, 1940, in the 1940 US Census, he was listed as Head of Household at
this address.

Then, on or about May 25, 1940, he was buried in the Grove Street Cemetery,
Newark, NJ.

I have all these event documented.

Recently, I've paid $26.00 and asked New Jersey State Office of Vital
Statistics and Registry to provide me with a copy of the Louis Shulman's death
All I got was a brief statement: "This certifies that the original records
and all appropriate indexes in the NJ State Offices of Vital Statistics and
Registry, have been searched and there is NO RECORD on file for the death of
Louis Shulman".

May someone please suggest or explain it to me, how a long time resident of
Newark, NJ, died and interned in Newark cemetery, have no record of death at
the NJ State Office of Vital Statistics? Where could I find the death
certificate for this person?

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