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My only information about the existence of this person is that his name and
father's name appear on a list of "draft evaders" in 1905 in Zarasai
Lithuania. It states he had gone **overseas**.
Name David Sherman
Father Todres Elias Sherman.

Todres was my great grandfather.
David Sherman could have been born anywhere >from 1865 to 1892.
However I suspect he was born closer to 1865-1870.

My short list taken >from the Big website for USA suggests he might have
moved to Chicago.
Actually he could have gone anywhere.
I cannot find him in Scotland where his brother Harris lived. I cannot find
him in Canada. A few possibilities in USA
Not in SA or Rhodesia

Does anyone have a David Sherman on their tree.
Father Todres Elias and mother Rebecca. Possibly a musician.

Shana Tova

Ros Romem

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