JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: No death certificate #general

Ilya Zeldes

Yesterday, I posted a message on the subject captioned above, and today, my
inbox was overflown with more than 40 replies!!! Thank you very much, all
those, who already responded, and those, I'm sure, will respond in days to
come! Thank you!

To summarize the responses, I may say that the majority (about 90%) suggested
Louis died out of state and advised to check archives in NYC, PA, FL, etc.
Many suggested I contact the cemetery office. Some shared their stories, when
NJ Office of Vital Statistics did not find death certificate for relatives.

But also there were a few messages that practically solved my problem. Paul
Levit sent a copy of newspaper NJ death notice. Renee Steinig sent a copy of
Louis' obit. It says that Louis died in the Newark Memorial Hospital after a
short illness. Caryn Levinson and Scott Seligman sent a photo of Louis'
gravestone in the Grove Street Cemetery. Unfortunately, this cemetery has no
office any more.

Again, thank you very much for all your suggestions and information! I
appreciate it.


Ilya Zeldes
Fort Myers, FL

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